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Hannah Holland to Perform at Flesh Queer Festival that Represents Minorities

2022 begins with a message of inclusion from England: Flesh Queer Festival is going to be the first queer camping music festival in the UK! Hannah Holland is one of the headliners as is Chippy Nonstop and Angel D’Lite. To tell it are the representatives of the new festival:

Flesh Queer Festival and Their Inclusivity

With various posts on multiple social media platforms, Flesh Queer Festival released useful information for all those who were waiting for this day! The festival will take place in spring, on the 28th and 29th of May 2022.
But there’s more! The festival will not only focus on including under-represented talents from the LGBTQ + community. In fact, it is a festival that tries to include also different genders. As a matter of fact, one of Flesh Queer Festival’s goals is to address the male domination in music and live music. And it will also include people with different ethnicities! In fact, they announced that “100% of the lineup will be made up of underrepresented artists. 90% of the lineup will be women, trans and non-binary artists including a spectrum of ethnicities.”
Flesh Queer Festival 
“The party will be one huge celebration of forward-thinking queer energy!” said the representative.

Two days of House, Techno and emerging artists

The party will take place on Springfield Farm. The outdoor venue is located in a beautiful woodland close London, near St Albans in Hertfordshire, 25 minutes from Kings Cross.

The event will feature three stages showcasing House and Techno DJs. Alongside some famous names, emerging artists and community collectives will have their space as well. This allows emerging and under-represented talent to break through on a major platform, creating visibility and generate bookings for the artists.

And if this wasn’t enough, the Flesh Queer Festival also offers the great opportunity of making your experience even better! With the two-days-ticket, it will be possible to camp over in lush woodland and witness every artist!

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