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Gucci Mane Releases “Now It’s Real”

Gucci Mane just released his brand-new single. “Now It’s Real” is an ode to overcoming your past to define a brighter future for yourself.

The single is off Gucci Mane’s upcoming album, Breath Of Fresh Air. It is the trap rapper’s 16th album since 2005. On top of that, Gucci Mane collaborated on three more albums with Waka Flaka Flame, V-Nasty, and 1017. The man is prolific, that’s for sure. It’s no surprise then, how with other Atlanta rappers like T.I. and Young Jeezy, he is noted as a trap rap pioneer.

You can watch the video for “Now It’s Real” below.

On the song’s chorus, the rap artist ruminates on his past and his present.

“I could’ve been in prison with a hundred years / Yet I woke up in a mansion with two hundred mill’ / Had to let go of the lean and get off the pills /…Used to dream of livin’ like that but now it’s real.” This song is an anthem for sobriety, for adults who made mistakes but didn’t give up on themselves, and for everyone who made their dreams their reality through pure determination.

Gucci Mane Is On the Up and Up

In an interview for Billboard, the rapper spoke candidly about his struggles:

“Upon his release from prison, Gucci [had to] attend court-mandated therapy. He was open to the idea, in part out of curiosity as to whether the rumors circulating about his mental health had any merit. “Everybody [said] that I was bipolar; I wanted to know if it’s true or not,” he says. In the end, “[the therapist] told me I was fine,” says Gucci, and “[she] suggested I don’t come anymore.” Still, he says the experience was positive and sought out a therapist of his own, whom he now periodically talks to on FaceTime. “There’s a stigma that we have to get past, especially in the Black community,” he says. “Everybody needs to take care of their mental health and shouldn’t be ashamed if they’re going through something and reach out to a professional.””

You can stream the new single on your favorite streaming platform.

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