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Selena Gomez Releases A Fun End-Of-Summer Song – ‘Single Soon’

Selena Gomez is back with brand new music: a fun, light song about being excited to be single.

Selena Gomez’s “Single Soon”

A singer, songwriter, actress, and television and film producer, Selena Gomez wears many hats in the entertainment industry. Lately, her hats have been for her work as an actress and producer in various projects, such as Only Murders in the Building. However, most recently, Gomez donned her sparkling singer-songwriter hat. Her new single, “Single Soon,” dropped this past Friday, along with its accompanying music video.

“Single Soon” is a fun Selena Gomez song for the end of the summer. It’s upbeat and freeing, with dance-pop elements and the makings of a pop anthem.

In the song, Gomez sings about how she’s going to break up with a guy and how excited she is to be single again. In the first verse, how she plans to deliver the breakup is more of a carefree afterthought. She contemplates doing it over the phone, via a note, or simply leaving without a word. When the chorus hits, Gomez revels in the self-care and self-love that comes from leaving an unwanted relationship and having fun single.

Throughout the music video, Selena Gomez and several other girls party, dance, and take a late-night swim together as if being single is the most fun thing in the world.

In an Instagram post celebrating the release of the song, Selena Gomez thanked listeners and summed up the single in her own words.

“Thank you guys for all the love on Single Soon!!! It’s a playful anthem about being comfortable in your own skin and loving your own company… and it’s also really fun to dance to! 💞”

Fans already love the song and await more Selena Gomez music, hopefully in the form of a new album.

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