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Greta Van Fleet Announces Starcatcher World Tour

Greta Van Fleet announce their upcoming Starcatcher world tour for this year following the release of their new album, Starcatcher.

Meeting the Master

Greta Van Fleet released the first single from their upcoming album, Starcatcher. “Meeting the Master” is a single set into an “esoteric world heeded by the word of a wise teacher,” wrote the band on their social accounts.

The single sets the stage for anticipation of their upcoming fourth full-length album, Starcatcher. It will be available July 21 of this year.

2023 Starcatcher World Tour

Greta Van Fleet announced the Starcatcher World Tour. The tour will take place between the end of July and the beginning of December. In fact, from July, 24th to December, 6th, Greta Van Fleet will perform in 33 cities. Special guests of the tour will be KALEO, Surf Curse, Mt. Joy, and Black Honey.

The announcement of the tour, however, arrived with some critique and fan disapproval.

Ticketmaster fails again

We all know wha happened with Taylor Swift’s tour. Well, it happened again. Fans of Greta Van Fleet have been having significant trouble getting tickets to their preferred shows, seeing the seats get into the hands of scalpers and be a victim of price gouging.

Where are Canada and Australia?

After last year’s critiques of the band for repeatedly canceling their dates only a few days before the event, the band is now receiving blacklash following the absence of multiple key cities in the so-called “world tour.”

Many fans are disappointed at the lack of international dates included in what the band is calling a world tour.

Some are however speculating that this is just the first of at least two more rounds of dates. Last year, for example, the band shared a first round of dates in November 2021 and the second in 2022. It could happen again, and many fans are hopeful.

Find more informations for the tour here.

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