Greta Van Fleet Top Spotify’s Rock This Playlist Yet Again

Greta Van Fleet made their full scale return to the rock scene with a brand new record, The Battle at Garden’s Gate. Whether you love the album or not, the success it is having is evident. 


New Record, Same Success

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is blowing up the streaming charts right this moment. In some ways, this could be because of the slew of harsh critiques being received from the media. Although, in other ways, it could be because the experimental rockers are technically talented beyond their years.


Since the band shot up on the scene five years ago, they have been known for their classic rock sound. Sure, they’ve been compared to Led Zeppelin since day one, but when Robert Plant gives you a seal of rock ‘n’ roll approval, you’re worth it. To most, including Plant, Greta Van Fleet are worth all that has come to them success-wise, especially with this new album.


The Battle at Garden’s Gate is the band’s second full-length studio record. It’s place on the charts and among popular streaming services is immense. For the second time in a row, Greta Van Fleet tops Spotify‘s ‘Rock This’ playlist. The intricately curated grouping of songs is widely respected on the Internet. Good, modern rock music is hard to find, so Spotify works hard to put it in a box, wrap it in a bow, and hand it to anyone who is interested in listening. 


Lucky for Greta Van Fleet, anybody who tunes into the playlist of new rock ‘n’ roll songs hear them first. Millions of Spotify users follow that playlist, and Spotify recognizes GVF’s slick sound, so they’re handing fans their music first.


Greta Van Fleet Is In Your Ears & On TV

This record also topped the iTunes charts just hours after the album dropped at midnight. While iTunes isn’t everybody’s method of purchasing and streaming music, reaching number one is impressive. In addition, The Battle at Garden’s Gate charted higher and in more countries than their last record. Their last album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, only reached No. 12 on the Billboard charts. (It was also their debut LP, after their Grammy-winning EP, From the Fires.) This sophomore LP, though, reached No. 8 in its first week of release. For only a second record and a band whose sound ages them decades, that’s no small feat.


The Battle at Garden’s Gate also saw the band return to the late night television stage. A week before the album dropped, they took Jimmy Kimmel‘s show by storm.


Hundreds of thousands of people have watched their performance on YouTube alone, proving that Greta Van Fleet is worth watching… especially in a live, on stage setting. Their sound is reminiscent of a hole-in-the-wall West Village bar meeting a Los Angeles club in the 1970s. It’s nostalgic and rough, but still storytelling and fun. That’s the charm of these authentic rockers, and for better or worse, The Battle at Garden’s Gate puts that on full display.

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