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Logic Returns with “Decades” & “Tetris”

It feels not that long ago that Logic announced his retirement from music. That’s because it really hasn’t been long at all. In July 2020, Bobby Hall announced his retirement alongside his sixth studio album. This was so that he could focus on the life he had been building alongside his wife. They had a kid and for a while it seemed as if the prolific rapper was truly done. Until a couple of weeks ago. 

On April 19th, Logic released two singles and confirmed a seventh studio album in the works: Vinyl Days. These tracks being the grateful “Decades” and the braggadocious “Tetris.” Both tracks feel like a return to form for the rapper and not in a bad way. It’s no secret that Logic has been an artist that has strived for quality but overall, few of his LPs are truly unique and special. The highlights and bests he’s made up until this point, in my opinion are: 

  • Under Pressure
  • The Incredible True Story
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

But you’re not here for those, you’re here for the latest. Let’s start. 


As the name suggests, this is a track featuring Logic going through the decades of struggles and pain he’s experienced. Making it abundantly clear in the chorus with the lines: 

I just wanna thank God for the life that I got

Seen a lot of pain, yeah, I seen a lot” 

The beauty of it is the reutilization of an old verse he wrote about 10 years ago. The only verse goes over those pains in better detail. Selling drugs and sex working are the two that stick out. Of course, there’s an acknowledgement of why he got into music. It was to leave that situation and that environment. It was to prove people wrong and get to a point where he can thank God for what he has. 

As for production, what I say here stands for this track and the next track. 6ix is a madman in the studio. Beats are wonderfully infectious and fitting.


On the flipside we got the bragging Logic going hard about how he’s still connected to the streets… like Tetris. I had to. 

The verse goes the usual hard the artist is known for. Surprisingly there’s no cheesy lines I can identify. Basically, this song goes into his status as an artist rather than his money status. This isn’t new for Logic or any rapper for that matter, but it’s still as entertaining as ever given the set up. I could chalk this up as an “eh” track retreading ground, and I wouldn’t blame you for doing just that. I for one see it as another “The Return”, which happens to be my favorite track from YSIV. All in all, it’s a step in the right direction for these themes. 


Honestly, I’m glad Logic is back and I really hope that this album becomes one of the great bodies of work I know he’s capable of doing. These singles are a welcome return and steps in the right direction. B+ 

That’s it for now! For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.


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