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Featured Artist Friday: 7 Things to Know About Megan Moroney

Credit: Megan Moroney in “Tennessee Orange” music video

Since the release of “Tennessee Orange,” we know Megan Moroney is a Georgia native and football-loving rising country star, but what else is there to know? Below are a few other things you maybe didn’t know about Megan Moroney:

1. She Used to Intern for Sugarland

In college, Megan Moroney majored in music business. Working under Kristian Bush, Megan Moroney learned a lot. While she had an obvious interest in music, she didn’t feel confident in her dream of performing until after the internship ended. Seeing awards on the shelves of Sugarland’s office scared her into silence. When Megan moved from the University of Georgia to Nashville, her music career began to take off.

2. Moroney Was Originally an Accounting Major

Before switching majors to music business, Megan was on a completely different side of the business world: accounting. Moroney reminisces to Billboard, “not too long ago I figured I’d grow up to be an accountant.” Changing majors inspired her to begin songwriting.

3. She Co-Wrote Her EP, Pistol Made of Roses, Over Zoom

During her first experience with co-writing, Megan Moroney met over zoom with her collaborator. Ben Williams, a songwriter for country and pop EDM music, joined the meeting to work with her. Since then, Williams has become Megan’s “go-to writer,” according to her website.

4. Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, and Suits Used Her Music for Their Shows

Every artist’s dream must be to get their song played in a Grey’s Anatomy episode, right? Popular shows like Grey’s, 90210, and Suits showcased Megan Moroney’s music.

5. In High School, She Wanted to Be a Collegiate Cheerleader

Initially, Megan Moroney cheered for her high school until junior year. Unexpectedly, she got knee replacement surgery during the year, throwing a wrench in her plans. After that, she didn’t cheer again. However, during her two months of recovery, Moroney picked up her guitar and honed in on her skills.

6. She Sang Her First Original Song Live, Opened for Chase Rice

During Megan’s time at the University of Georgia, Chase Rice held a campus concert. He invited Megan onstage with him as long as she performed an original song. She agreed, finishing her first full original song ever just in time.

7. She Can’t Get Through Her Tours Without Advil and Redbull

Megan Moroney is new to the tour scene, so it’s understandably overwhelming for her. Accordingly, she admits to drinking two Red Bulls every tour date to make it through the day.

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