Getting to Know Charming Liars: Alt’s Best Kept Secret

From 2019 to Now with Charming Liars

In just over a year and a half, Charming Liars have gone from borderline hitmakers to full fledged artists. Composed of three band members with their own eclectic taste in music, Charming Liars is a unique mix of talents.


Karnig Manoukian, the band’s guitarist, and Mike Kruger, their bassist, are both UK-born musicians. The pair’s individual love of music clashed head-first at London’s West End when they were just teenagers. They duo began building alternative rock soundscapes from the ground up and took those pieces on the road. 


Manoukian and Kruer toured the United Kingdom with those songs until a message from a producer came in. John Feldmann, an LA-based producer widely respected within the alternative rock and pop punk communities, reached out on social media. Feldmann gave them words of encouragement and a note to drop by his studio for a songwriting session. Next thing we know, the alt. duo headed out to the West Coast. It was there that they connected with vocalist Killiyan Maguire. 


Killyian Maguire was attending The Musicians Institute in Hollywood when he met the Charming Liars. The threesome hit it off musically and personally and have since released many singles, EPs, and albums. In 2019, their debut album, Thought, Flesh and Bone, dropped, as well as a sequel EP and a live album. (The band had stunned California audiences as they toured the coast. This led them to tour Europe with The Faim, and later, Palaye Royale.)


2020 saw the release of their sophomore record, In The Reflection of Blood. With three full length records to their name, their success continued. Charming Liars opened up for Night Riots, Weezer, and more on tour.


Spotify saw the band be discovered on many playlists, including their own: “The New Alt” and “Pop Rock.” This allowed the LA by-way-of London band to be grouped in with modern alternative favorites, like Yungblud and Avril Lavgine


Music Videos Galore

Their music videos have further their global reach, both musically and socially. On YouTube, Charming Liars have drummed up a million plus views. Most notably on their 2016 single “Soul,” and 2018 single, “Something Dark.” Since then, as well as everything in between, has been visually and sonically amazing. Much of Charming Liars’ appeal is their acknowledgement of visual artistry to attach to their sensational musical talents. 


Toward the end of 2020, the trio started filming a video series of live performances. In a year with few concerts, this group found a way to bring live music into the homes of fans. Their first “Live Sounds of 2020” video was for “In The Reflection of Blood,” their second album’s title track. The four minute banger done in a live setting is beyond audibly and visually appealing. It set the tone for the following two live videos, December’s version of “Impact” and January’s version of “Blame.” Each single has its own lighting scheme, letting listeners immerse themselves into each song.


In a press release, the band explained the need for doing a live session in 2020. “We felt it very necessary to get back into a room and play live again. This was filmed and recorded live on location in a Los Angeles warehouse on November 20th and 21st, 2020. What you see here is the coming together, hard work and commitment of a small group of people during an unprecedented time and we can’t thank them enough.


Charming Liars found a way to make 2020, and 2021, a time of live music when it seemed impossible. Therefore, it’s clear that nothing can stop these alternative rockers from doing what they want.

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