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Yungblud’s Virtual Tour Stops “In” NYC

In two words, Yungblud’s virtual tour is reckless and reflective.

On November 30, 2020, Yungblud’s Weird Time of Life tour stopped in New York City. The hour long event was streamed for fans and music lovers alike to get in on the action. Each act on The Weird Time of Life virtual tour got to show off their own style during their virtual set.

Wargasm’s Punk Opening

Wargasm, an electric guitar wielding punk band, kicked off the night. Their performance mimicked an early 2000s basement show with a lot of screaming and running around. The band pointed at fans (AKA the camera) and bounded around on stage with instruments – even jumping off of them. 

Wargasm UK Instagram

Royal & the Serpent’s Heartfelt Production

Moreover, with an authentic passion for music was Royal & the Serpent. Royal showed off her equally angsty and glittery vocals to show how alternative pop can be done in 2020. With beautiful outfits and mesmerzing lighting effects, it felt so close to a real live show. The color-distorting setting was ominous making her red bass stand out in the best way. 

choke,” a new single of hers, was a fan favorite based on the virutal chat’s excited reaction. Her breakout hit from video streaming app TikTok, “overwhelmed,” was a meaningful moment. It felt very personal, but was still a fun, theatrical production.

Yungblud’s Virtual Set

“New York City! This is a song about a person I love!” Yungblud‘s virtual tour started off with him screaming the iconic line from “strawberry lipstick” before jumping into the hit song. He wore a black fishnet top along with suspenders, leather pants, and Doc Martens boots with his signature pink socks. His red hair, silver chain necklace, and spiked collar solidifed Yungblud’s punk look.

“ice cream man” had him galloping around the stage and utilizing the whole venue to rock out. He even asked his virtual fans to “Jump jump jump!” like he would in an in-person concert.

“Weird!” is the infamous timely anthem of this year, as well as the title track for this new album. In his performance of it, he changed the lyrics from “Glasgow” to “New York,” personalizing the night.

“The next song is so important to me because I wrote this song about one of you after a show in Ireland. One of you told me a story that I will never forget for the rest of my life. This is “mars!” Yungblud set the stage for “mars,” breaking out an acoustic guitar to tell a story about feeling lost. It was clearly very personal to him, not just from his introduction, but the way he sang with his heart on his sleeve. 

The UK-born rockstar closed out the Weird Time of Life tour with a piano twinkling, honest track, “teresa.” He covered so much ground in this virtual show, musically and personally. It was equal parts emotional and lively from start to finish.

Yungblud’s Werid Time of Life tour setlist:

  1. strawberry lipstick
  2. ice cream man
  3. Weird!
  4. mars
  5. cotton candy
  6. it’s quiet in beverly hills
  7. teresa
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1 year ago

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