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The Weeknd has become the most listened to singer in the world on Spotify

Seems it’s gonna be an incredible year for The Weeknd after the drop of “Dawn FM.” Abel, real name of the artist born in Toronto, has recently become the most listened to singer in the world on Spotify, more than Justin Bieber (#2), Ed Sheeran (#3), and Dua Lipa (#4). The virtual award “given” to The Weeknd is not just another recognition of his talent, it’s more the culmination of a career started a long time ago.

House Of Balloons” (2011), but also “Trilogy” (2012) and “Kiss Land” (2013), tell us about a completely different artist in terms of sound, but already with a definite idea of a path. But it’s from 2015 that The Weeknd became a popular phenomenon. “Starboy” and its hits have been Abel’s moves to give his music a special character. From that moment begins an infinite climb up to the last album “Dawn FM“.

The Weeknd isn’t attributable to pop music, but has the numbers of those artists. He’s probably the one and only of the top 10 charts who’s a crucial part of the urban movement.

“Dawn FM”, designed as a radio station narrated by Jim Carrey, is an atypical alternative dance product different from the other drops. (For those more interested in the topic, I’ll leave you here an interesting article by the website HITC). The Weeknd could have used the easiest strategy, given the huge fan hype. But this did not happen. Once again, Abel has chosen to do what he really likes, and numbers prove him right.

In “Dawn FM” it is hard to find a song that stands out over the others. The success of the album comes indeed considering all the tracks as a more complex idea of music. Even if, of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences.

The king of Spotify’s chart has also launched his new merchandising, available on his official site. The prices are high, but the quality is good.

What’s next now? Probably more live shows, practically what artists and fans need the most. We’ll talk again about him on MD, waiting for new projects.

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