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‘Georgia Comes Alive’ Gives Voting Some Soul

On Dec 26th Headcount presented ‘Georgia Come Alive’— a live stream festival made by the organization working to get out the vote in Georgia for an upcoming runoff election. The organization focuses on young people and under-represented groups to get registered and involved in their local politics.

Georgia gets Music With a Cause

Headcount uses music as their catalyst to inform. Partnered with The People’s Agenda and Civic Georgia, they use artists to ‘get the vote out’. This year serves as a special one because if a democrat is elected for the Georgia senate, the house and senate will be controlled by the Democrat party. 

Their virtual festival stream had a diverse range of artists, and because of the digital experience each performance was individually different too. There were also Headcount associates talking about the importance of our role in America like Executive Director Andy Bernstein.

Standout festival acts

Some standout R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop acts of the night were The Suffers and Tank And The Bangas.  The Suffers performed three songs while looking rather festive. Their positive energy radiated throughout their creative performance. With performances of songs like ‘Make Some Room’, Take Me To The Good Times, and Do Whatever

The Band’s uplifting nature of their songs help to end this year off right. Lead vocalist of the band, Kam Franklin, talked with the host prior to performance on several topics including how she sees the state of the nation.

Tank and the Bangas had a shorter set than the rest performing only one song: Spaceships. That didn’t take away from the live instruments and amazing performance. Out of all the live performances, this one made me feel like I was actually at a concert. The only drawback is that they only performed one song that had me wanting more.

The overall festival was fun to watch and informal. It put me on to some great up and coming artists like Lawrence, as well reminded the viewers how important our voice is in the form of a vote. The Georgia Runoff election represents more than an election. It will help solidify change and be a sign that the younger generation is capable of impacting things for the better. 

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