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G Flip & Thomas Headon Join Forces on “Not Even In Vegas”

Australian singer-songwriter G Flip joined forces with Thomas Headon for their new pop track “Not Even In Vegas.”

“Not Even In Vegas” Was Created During Lockdown

Almost half a year after her last single “Queen” was released, G Flip is back with a new track. It is a chill but sunny song where she and Thomas Headon sing about partying even though “they’re not in Vegas.”

G Flip tells NME the song they came up with is about dreaming of traveling overseas during the covid lockdowns. “When me and Thomas met we both instantly matched each other’s energy and had a lot of stuff in common. We joked about booking a mate’s trip to Vegas. Because of Covid, there were no flights available; so I booked our flights to Dubbo instead. When Tommy and I are together we can make anywhere feel like Vegas, even rural NSW.”

“After a few sessions, we wrote this track. It’s a feel-good song about having a good time no matter where you are— whether that be your friend’s apartment, your own room, or even in VEGAS/DUBBO. Ed Quinn co-produced the track; a former member of Slum Sociable and also my childhood neighbor growing up. To complete the track we went back to the street where it all began, and finished the song in my mother’s house.”

Thomas Headon said he still hopes they’ll actually make it to Vegas one day. “‘Not Even In Vegas’ came about after a few times G and I had hung out. We’d tried to write together a few times but somehow always just ended up at a party together. We then eventually wrote this song about living like rockstars in Vegas, despite not even being there. It’s a fun little tune that describes both of our friendship so well, hopefully, we at least get to go to Vegas together one day.”

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