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Flo Milli Is Queen Of The City In “Big Steppa” Video 

Flo Milli Releases "Big Steppa" Music Video

“Big Steppa” and Album You Still Here, Ho?

Twenty-two year old rapper Flo Milli puts her creative side on display in the “Big Steppa” music video. Her colorful outfits, innovative visuals and concepts make Flo stand out from other new rappers. The Alabama rapper released her second album You Still Here, Ho? in late July featuring the viral 2022 TikTok hit “Conceited.” Flo Milli has been on fire with the visuals for her album, following a consistent 2000’s reality TV show theme. 

“Big Steppa” Music Video 

Furthermore, in the “Big Steppa” video transitions from Flo Milli in a pink and white crochet suit to rocking a red fur coat and hair, then a flashy train to the floor and more. Not only are her outfits badass but the visuals are top tier. From a room with a black, white and red tile floor and geometrical shapes, to Milli towering over city buildings, it is evident that the video is well thought out. The rapper proves she owns the city by lighting all the buildings on fire. The music video brings the boastful, cocky lyrics in “Big Steppa” to life. She proves she walks the walk, wearing unique designer and flashy fits.  


Music Video Reactions 

Besides, the fans have shown love and appreciation for the video. They praise her for the creativity and effort in the “Big Steppa” music video saying “she never disappoints.” People have shown admiration for the looks and visuals. Overall, the video lives up to the exceptional track. The music videos for You Still Here, Ho? thus far have showcased Flo Milli’s originality and ability to grasp as well as convey a theme. 

You Still Here, Ho? Skits

In addition, there are skits along with a few of the songs on Flo Milli’s album. The skits are inspired by iconic reality TV sensations, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, America’s Next Top Model, and Love And Hip Hop. The “In The Party” rapper puts her own twist on them, reenacting famous scenes from the shows. In the “Big Steppa” skit she reenacts a fight between the Kardashian sisters where Kim tells Kourtney “You’re the least exciting to look at.”


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