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Demi Lovato Unveils Live Performance of “29”

A few weeks ago, global artist Demi Lovato released a new album HOLY FVCK, which sees her coming back to their pop-punk roots.

“29” Talks About An Age-Gap Relationship

One of the songs in the album is “29,” a truthful, deeply personal, and scary song. In it, Demi remembers a relationship that she maintained when she was 17 while working for Disney. The other person in the relationship was a 29-year-old man at the time. In the song, she reflects on that dark time when she was innocent, and she thought this relationship was something to be excited about rather than seeing it now for was it was – grooming.

To give “29” an even deeper meaning, Demi partnered with Vevo for a live performance of the song. In it, we see how much this song means to her, as it shows all of the emotions involved in the performance. Working closely with Vevo, they achieved a red-carpeted, dark room to reflect the honesty and vulnerability that the lyrics display.

The Live Performance Brings the Song to Life

“My new album HOLY FVCK is a deeply personal journey that begins with pain and anger,” Demi says. “Through this emotional release, the album concludes in a hopeful place of joy that allows me to take my power back from the very things that made me angry.”

“I knew I wanted to showcase my new music in a unique way for my fans, both visually and sonically. So when an Original Live Performance with Vevo was on the table, I immediately started to brainstorm creatively – the lighting, the room design, my look, and outfits, how to incorporate our incredible female live band – all of it! The Vevo team made this vision a reality with me, and I hope my fans can feel the emotion and power through these live performances.”

Demi Has An Interesting Project in the Works

To keep exposing people that did things extremely wrong when she was just a teenager, Demi revealed in a segment of her Call Me Daddy podcast that she plans on reuniting with former Disney stars to discuss about those days when working for the network. 

‘What people don’t know is that the amount of work we had to do,” Demi said. “Every year I filmed a season of a TV show, I went on tour, I made an album and I shot a movie and I did that all for like three years. If I had a hiatus from my show, then I would have the tour bus pull up to the studio and take me on tour for one week, or I would fly to London to do promo. ‘I remember one day I woke up and I was so tired and just drained from how much work I was doing as a 16-year-old.”

We will have to wait and see what other former Disney stars join her in the project. So far, it looks like there could be a lot of stuff revealed about the network. 

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