FINNEAS is Hopeful on “A Concert Six Months From Now”

Six months from now, where do you picture yourself? FINNEAS, the talented older brother of Billie Eilish, pictures himself at the Hollywood Bowl with his off-again, on-again love. In his new single, “A Concert Six Months From Now,” FINNEAS pines for a hopeful future through heartrending lyrics and powerful vocals. The single, released on August 5th, is accompanied by an eerie music video, which sees the artists stumbling around an empty Hollywood Bowl stage. The track is the first off his forthcoming album, Optimist, releasing October 15th.

“A Concert Six Months From Now” is a Visceral Experience

These days, we’re all hoping for a return back to normal in six months. For FINNEAS, this means a requited love from a decade ago. Like his younger sister, the 24-year-old singer and songwriter is an absolutely stellar vocalist. Sweet falsettos and riveting instrumentals create a visceral listening experience. “A Concert Six Months From Now” feels like listening to your favorite artist on an empty stage in an even emptier stadium. Of course, we hope that FINNEAS’ upcoming tour will not be a bunch of empty stadiums.

Nothing but Praise for FINNEAS

With thought-provoking lyrics like “If I could see the future / I never would believe her / Fallin’ in and out of love and fallin’ in again / We were never any good at bein’ friends,” it’s no wonder that critics are praising the track. A chilling chorus, laden with heavy instrumentals, is an addicting listen. Similarly, soft-spoken vocals are a defining feature of the track. Recognition for FINNEAS’ talent is long overdue, and this track is just the first step.

“A Concert Six Months From Now” is just the first track off Optimist. If this single is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, fans are undoubtedly in for a treat.



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