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Fetty Wap Makes A Comeback With “Sweet Yamz”

Fetty Wap is officially making his comeback with a cover of Masego's "Yamz.” He titles the catchy viral track "Sweet Yamz."
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – AUGUST 26: Fetty Wap attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on August 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey (Patrick McMullan via Getty Images) Contributor: Paul Bruinooge

Singer/rapper Fetty Wap is officially making his comeback with a cover of Masego’s “Yamz.” Titling the catchy cover “Sweet Yamz” Snoop Dogg declares Wap’s renovation as the “song of the year.” The original creators of the ‘80s inspired record are Masego and Devin Morrison. The nostalgic R&B tune is filled with relishing chords and keys, while the musicians praise a woman’s physique. Morrison and Masego’s “ Yamz” did not catch much momentum, however, Fetty Wap has changed that. 

“Sweet Yamz” Trends On Social Media

Not only is Fetty a skilled rapper but his vocal abilities are impressive as well. You may recognize him for his vocal runs, melodies and catchy hooks. The “Again” superstar surely knows how to create a hit, and he definitely has another one on his hands with “Sweet Yamz.” Social media cannot get enough of Fetty Wap’s rendition of the track, which is perfect listening for the holiday season. The “Sweet Yamz” audio on TikTok has over 20,000 videos full of covers, hilarious memes and videos. 

@fettywap Ayo! Love ya’ll forreal. This how y’all uncs and tíos pullin up! no cap. 🍠🔥😭🤣  #sweetyamz ♬ original sound – fettywap

The Original Creators Masego And Devin Morrison

But, many people are not aware that the Thanksgiving theme song actually belongs to Masego and Devin Morrison. They wrote and released “Yamz” on November 19 of last year. Fetty Wap released his cover of Masego’s “Yamz” exactly 364 days later, on November 18, 2022. The smooth R&B tune centers around the search of currency and a lady. They want to pay their bills and also find love.

Additionally, the song incorporates the Thanksgiving traditions of family and the comfort food, yams. “So tell me how can I get to the yams? (Yams) / Sweet yams (Sweet yams) / Show me the way (Show me the way) / ’Cause I got bills to pay (‘Cause I got bills to pay),” the chorus reads. They give yams a triple meaning: money, food and a woman’s butt. And Masego and Morrison are mesmerized by this woman’s voluptuous figure. “Don’t wanna do, from that shape and how they move (She got them yams) / But is it just a distraction? / Oh, it drives my soul divine (Them yams got soul),” Masego sings.

On the other hand, Fetty Wap switches up Masego’s lyrics in his version, “Sweet Yamz.” “I’m up early for them yams / By my lonely, need no friends / Keep it goin’, never end, baby (Yeah, yeah) / Press to start it, stack again / Do that all the time (Time),” he sings. The singer-songwriter cuts the four minute and five second track down to one minute and 45 seconds. Despite the similarity in lyrics, Fetty Wap’s cover of “Sweet Yamz” displays his versatility. Many people want to hear more of this type of Fetty! 

So does Fetty Wap have the song of the year with “Sweet Yamz?” Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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