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Featured Artist: Chloe Borthwick Releases ‘the gas game’

“I'm really proud of this song and hope it resonates with listeners,” Borthwick said in a release statement.

Singer-songwriter Chloe Borthwick has just released her latest single, “the gas game,” featuring Gavon Mitchell. This is yet another release that marks 2023 as an eventful year for Borthwick.

At the beginning of October, Borthwick dropped her single, “Iron Lining.” “Iron Lining” followed the August release of the artist’s debut album, Sharp Left.

Additionally, in January of this year, the musician dropped the single, “All bets r off.” She posted this song on her Chloe Bee Spotify artist profile, as opposed to her Chloe Borthwick Spotify artist profile. Borthwick has used both artist names interchangeably for her music career.

Chloe Borthwick’s “the gas game”

Out today, “the gas game,” featuring Gavon Mitchell, showcases Borthwick’s vocal strength. Furthermore, Mitchell’s vocals perfectly complement Borthwick’s, making an emotional, harmonious marriage of the two’s voices.

In a release statement, Chloe Borthwick spoke about the single’s storytelling aspects.

“This song is a somewhat theatrical duet-ballad. It compares the female’s (Chloe) habit of driving on empty, to her relationship that’s running out of fuel. The second verse presents the male perspective (Gavon), while both singers interact with each other during the choruses and bridge.”

Borthwick continued with the story of the song’s conception. “I originally wrote only a verse and a chorus and posted it to tiktok. I felt like it was some of my better writing so I decided to create a second verse and make it a duet. I’m really proud of this song and hope it resonates with listeners.”

On Instagram, Borthwick posted a reel of a video from the day she first wrote the song.

Oh, Snow

Next Friday, November 17, Chloe Borthwick is releasing her winter/Christmas EP, Oh, Snow. Borthwick put her love into the EP’s four winter-themed songs.

Chloe Borthwick's 'Oh, Snow' EP cover art
Chloe Borthwick’s ‘Oh, Snow’ EP cover art

In a release statement, she briefly summarized Oh, Snow.

“The first single ‘snow day’ i wrote and recorded in 2020 and am re-releasing, It’s a really cute christmas song about longing to be with someone you love on a snow day that you may not be able to get to them. The other songs include ‘Victorian Homes,’ ‘75 and Sunny,’ and ‘Snow Globe.’”

The singer-songwriter then spoke about creation process of the song. “This project was uniquely fulfilling to work on because I recorded everything on my own for the last three songs. It was fun to take them from ideation to completion using minimal sounds and focusing on melodies and lyrics primarily.”

Chloe Borthwick shared that her current favorite off of the EP is “Victorian Homes,” which she built around the title. “The words are pretty and compliment the melody well but the song in essence is about mortality, and can be quite devastating to me sometimes. I really loved writing that one particularly, though.”

She posted a snippet of the song in an Instagram reel.

Look forward to Oh, Snow’s release on Friday, November 17.

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