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Ethel Cain Unveils “American Teenager”

Rising pop artist Ethel Cain released her new single “American Teenager,” following up to “Strangers.”

Preacher’s Daughter was Released on May 12

Ethel has been releasing a good array of singles recently. Since March, she shared “Gibson Girl,” Strangers” and now, “American Teenager.” Well, turns out that there’s a very good reason for that! All three of these singles will form part of her debut album Preacher’s Daughter, released on May 12.

Ethel has only been sharing her music on streaming platforms since late 2019, but she has already dropped 3 EPs. They are Carpet Bed, Golden Age, and Inbred. Now, with the new taste of music that she’s offering, we can only get more excited for her debut album!

“American Teenager” is Bittersweet

“American Teenager” is a bittersweet song that expresses how Ethel felt during her teenage years, and how it actually is to be a teenager. “And I feel it there. In the middle of the night. When the lights go out and I’m all alone again,” she sings in the pre-chorus.

“Growing up I was surrounded by visions of NASCAR, rock’n’roll, and being the one who would change everything,” Ethel said in a statement. “They make you think it’s all achievable and that if nothing else, you should at least die trying. What they don’t tell you is that you need your neighbor more than your country needs you. I wrote this song as an expression of my frustration with all the things the ‘American Teenager’ is supposed to be but never had any real chance of becoming.”

Along with her debut album, Ethel will be touring the U.S. making appearances at festivals this summer. These include Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, This Aint No Picnic in Pasadena, and Here and There Festival in San Diego and Austin. For more information, additional dates, and tickets, click here. 

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