Emily King Releases New Album, “Special Occasion”

Emily King just released her new album, Special Occasion. Discover with us this incredible artist and her fifth album.

Special Occasion

Pulled by the single “This Year,” Emily King dropped her new album Special Occasion. Personal and unique, this project is very innovative in its own way. Embracing her R&B influences, Emily King put her unique touch in all the 11 songs that make her new release. Special Occasion and “This Year” shine as the lead performances. Genuine, fragile and open hearted, the album embraces the essence of Emily King and portrays her fragility and vulnerability hidden in her forceful vocals and lyrics.

Sometimes it feels like I'm the only girl in the world who's not been kissed
Sometimes it feels like I'm the only person who doesn't know what it is
Sometimes it feels like I'm giving myself to someone who just resists

Emily King goes to North America

To promote and honour the release of her fifth album, the singer just started her North American tour. So far, she completed over half of her programmed dates, which she will carry until the end of the current month. The tour played Nashville’s famous Ryman over Memorial Day weekend and heads east from there. And in the honor category, she’s one of many performing at Kennedy Center onJune 16th and 17th in a tribute to Marvin Gaye. That’s a cool way to end your tour! Emily has been tapped some great talent to her headling tour. King will bring two big names by her side. With Joseph Solomon first and Devon Gilfillian later, King made sure to organize the best lineup for her fans. 

In the remaining evenings the singer will find herself performing in almost ten locations, and one could be right near you! Make sure to check out this link to get your ticket and take part to King’s Special Occasion Tour!

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