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Elijah Woods is one to watch (and can’t miss)

Today’s protagonist of MDD is Elijah Woods, ex member of the Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. The Canadian songwriter and producer just came out with “ilu,” his last track. Single number seven of his solo career started at the beginning of last year. Elijah, indeed, has been part of a duo for a big part of his life (2014/2020).

“Ain’t Easy” and the reality music competition The Launch

The band really got strong numbers before the break up, as also their results say. The most important achievement was surely the platinum for “Ain’t Easy,” which peaked at number 38 in the Canadian Hot 100. With 17 millions clicks on Spotify, it’s still their most famous track. Thanks also to the fame that came from the Canadian reality music competition, The Launch.

Elijah Woods, who has finished that chapter of his life, is now focusing on his solo career. He’s a hottie (which is always a plus) who needs to show a lot more than this. Elijah’s voice has no gender, he’s able to mix the feminine sound and the sensitivity of his masculine soul.

“ilu” and “someone new” are two must for discovering a little bit more of this emerging gem. It’s the good pop which is nowadays always harder to find: fresh, enjoyable and never gets boring. Elijah has the desire and talent to stand out, as also many of these new artists who are not known enough yet. The young songwriter is still at the beginning of his ambitious project, but with some big quality stuff. 

Going further after a breakup (even if we’re talking about music) is never easy, but it seems that Elijah is finding a way to achieve all his goals. The future has great things for him, and we’re sure about this, but his music needs more drops to stay alive in this crazy industry. But Elijah Woods, with no doubts, is one to watch for the current year.

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