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Elaine Releases Toxicity In “Fading Away”

Elaine shine

New Single “Fading Away” 

Rising R&B/Trap soul singer-songwriter Elaine is back with another single titled “Fading Away.” The 22-year-old generates her own sound that layers her calming and delicate vocals over trap soul beats. Elaine’s romantic lyrics and warm, sweet tone entrances the listener. 

In contrast, “Fading Away” reveals a different side of the “You’re The One” singer. Elaine writes about heartache and walking away from her lover. Beginning with a mesmeric introduction, the chill beat drops twenty seconds in, gliding over drums, keyboards, and strings. A stand-out moment of “Fading Away” is the fading instrumental breakdown closing out the track. It symbolizes Elaine walking away from this relationship and letting go of this person once and for all. 

Lyrics and Meaning  

“Fading Away” takes the listener through Elaine’s lens of a deceptive, untrustworthy lover which she ultimately walks away from. “You look away but I can always see right through your lies/Might’ve fooled me once but now I know the truth behind those eyes,” This person continues to make the same mistakes and fails to show action. Now, Elaine can see right through their lies and excuses. And after all the chances, the time and effort she gave this person, she finds the strength within herself to leave them. “All the times you did me wrong but I still stuck around/All the things I did for you, oh, baby, why’d you let me down?/Put all my faith in us, why’d you have to leave me underground?” 

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As a final point, Elaine recognizes the damage in the relationship cannot be repaired. She knows this person is not worth fighting for anymore because they refuse to change. Although she loves this person, her decision to leave is final. “I know these loose ties, can’t be fixed overnight/Though I’m torn up inside, best believe, I’m Fadin’ away,” Listen to “Fading Away” here

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