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5 Seconds Of Summer Releases Video For “Older”

5 Seconds of Summer released the “Older” music video, a month after their last album 5SOS5. The track features the Orlando songwriter and fiancée of frontman Luke Hemmings, Sierra Deaton. Older” was the first extract of the band’s project, besides the drops Me Myself & I and BLENDER. The song talks about an end which comes without warning, an apocalyptic scenario hypothesized by the group itself.

The What Ifs In “Older”

The question in “Older” that 5 Seconds of Summer asks themselves is metalinguistic. And it regards something that every person in this world has thought of at least once in life. “If you knew the world was ending tomorrow, who would you want to spend it with? Would you be with a lover? Your children? Your best friends? Would you want to be alone?”, they said in a statement.

In depth, the video of “Older” shows us people’s real feelings without the anxiety of acting artificially, and what comes out is a particular mix of fear and consciousness. Under the direction of Frank and Ivanna Borin, the characters of the video are helpless in front of the end of the world. An inevitable moment which is moved to the level of a love relationship. Further, the desire that this never ends is what 5 Seconds of Summer have decided to capture with the video of “Older.” However this loss is spared because of what’s going on, and the lovers of “Older” spend their final moments soaking in peace and love, before an apocalypse wipes everything out.

Also, goodbyes are just the human way to break everything up. Instead we should enjoy what we have for what it is. And, most important, when we have it. “On the day that you leave me. I’ll forever be bleeding, love. As forever comes closer. Hope the world will spin slower. I don’t wanna get older”. If we have to struggle when our time comes up, I don’t wanna know when mine will be

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