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Dua Lipa Declares ‘Training Season’ is Over

Dua Lipa and Her “Training Season” Song Review

The comeback we have been waiting for: Dua Lipa. She is back with her highly anticipated single “Training Season” off of her upcoming psychedelic pop album. She has been teasing the track for a while, performing a snippet of it during her GRAMMYs performance. Lipa has teamed up with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala for another excellent song after the earworm “Houdini.”

It came out on Thursday, February 15, along with an accompanying music video. The song’s message is about not needing a man who treats her dirty. Also, she is done training her love interests because it’s their job to do it themselves. You can’t teach a man how to act, they need to know how to act already if they want Lipa. Someone who makes her feel less than is out of the picture. Lipa longs for someone who makes her feel a good sense of “vertigo.”

According to Genius, “Vertigo is a condition often caused by problems in the inner ear that makes people experience spells of dizziness or feel like they are spinning or off balance. Here, Dua is hoping her lover can make her feel a good kind of dizzy. She wants to feel spinning in love in times when she trusts her lover enough to let her guard down.”

Dua Lipa "Training Season"
Courtesy of Warner Records

Production of “Training Season”

The production is a hard-hitting disco beat mixed with guitar strums. Dua Lipa’s music is at its peak because of Kevin Parker’s involvement. “Houdini” knocked it out of the ballpark and “Training Season” is no different. The two create magic when they step into a studio together and there isn’t anyone better to tackle the psychedelic sound than Parker. Along with the single, there are three other versions that came out. An a capella version, an instrumental version and an extended edit are available on all music platforms.

Dua Lipa GRAMMYs
Courtesy of Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Music Video Review

Dua Lipa’s music video for “Training Season” is her shadiest and most liberating yet. The video starts with voicemails allegedly from her exes, including Arón Piper and her recent breakup, Anwar Hadid. It takes place in a coffee shop where she is unbothered by the men trying to capture her attention. She sips her coffee and minds her own business—a power move.

Instead of letting the men have power and falling for them easily, Dua Lipa has her guard up and doesn’t let go of that liberating feeling of being done with subpar relationships. The video ends with a response to the voice messages in the beginning—the voicemail is full and can’t accept any more messages. She is not holding back anymore and not training a man how to be a good person.

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