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Dolly Parton Debut, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” ‘Star Wars Theme,’ & More On This Week In Music

History as you’ve never seen it: a journey in time through the albums, concerts, and events that made history—this week in music!

September 25: Here Comes Dolly Parton

Credit: Dolly Parton Official Twitter @DollyParton
Credit: Dolly Parton Official Twitter @DollyParton

On September 25, 1967, in music history, little-known country singer Dolly Parton made her first appearance on The Porter Wagoner Show. Parton was 30, and previously got famous with her album debut earlier that year with Hello, I’m Dolly after achieving success as a songwriter for others. In her first TV appearance, the singer presented two songs from her debut album: “Dumb Blonde” and “Something Fishy.”

The singer immediately became the full-time replacement for the program’s longtime singer, Norma Jean, who was slowly taking a step back from music. Parton stayed on the show for seven years, during which she even recorded popular duet albums with Wagoner.

September 26: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

On this day in music history in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened in Westwood, California. The movie was a revolutionary, comedy musical that later became a cult classic, being one of the first big movies to represent trans people. In the movie, the great Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon are two of the main characters, as well as a young Meat Loaf.

As expected, the movie first tanked: audience members even went to the theatres with the intent of shouting and throwing things at the screen, such as toast and toilet paper. Only later did it get the recognition it deserved. It became a classic for both fans and non-fans of the musical genre.

September 27: “So What”

Today in 2008, Pink topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with her solo single “So What.” The singer had previously reached the position when she collaborated with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, and Mýa on “Lady Marmalade.” The song, a rebellious, energetic, provoking rock jam, came from her fifth studio album, Funhouse. The single held the spot for a week, while Funhouse went as far as the second position in the charts.

Singles “Raise Your Glass” and “Just Give Me a Reason” (featuring Nate Ruess from FUN) are the only two other singles to get to the top of the US charts.

September 28: Pitch Perfect

Today in 2012, the famous musical comedy Pitch Perfect made its debut in theatres, premiering all over the country and becoming an immediate success. The movie narrates the story of an underdog college singing group, which, between a fight and a (sort of) party, dreams of becoming the next a cappella national champion.

The movie includes the debut of the upcoming groundbreaking phenomenon, Pentatonix.

Britney Spears

September 29: Britney is Free

We all remember the day when Britney Spears, following months of protest from all over the world against her then recently discovered conservatorship, was finally set free from her father’s control.

On this day in 2021, granting her petition, a judge suspended Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, as her conservator. The man and his close assistants had been making life decisions and imposing strict rules on Britney since 2008.

September 30: Tony Bennet is the Oldest Person to Release an Album

In 2012, Tony Bennett, then 95, shared his album Love For Sale. The release was unusual since it didn’t contain remakes or covers, but rather, standard songs, including fans’ favorite “I Get A Kick Out Of You.” Love For Sale even included the participation of Lady Gaga.

Bennett was later recognized by Guinness as the oldest person to release an album of new material.

October 1: “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band”

In 1977, the Hot 100 welcomed to the top an unexpected song. As the Star Wars saga started its journey, the theme song for the movie got its minute of stardom as well. Meco dropped a 15-minute song made up of Star Wars music set to a disco beat, calling it “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band.” In the song, there’s even an R2-D2 bleeping solo.

“Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band” immediately became a success, partially taking part in the process of turning the movie theme into the quintessential movie soundtrack.

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