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Ella Jane Drops “How Do I Lose You”

Rising pop artist Ella Jane just dropped a catchy new single: “How Do I Lose You,” featuring stories of heartbreak. 

Ella Jane Drops "How Do I Lose You"

A Musician From Birth

Since birth, Ella Jane had music as a part of her life. Raised with soul artists such as Carole King and Billie Holiday, Ella Jane was clearly on the path for music. Taking inspiration from her childhood idols, Jane said she became “obsessed with the mechanics of songwriting.” 


“The second I started realizing that I could write about everything I was thinking and feeling, that’s when I really got into it,” Jane gushes about songwriting. This is clearly shown through her first singles, which were largely inspired from her experiences in high school. From “AUGUST IS A FEVER” to symbolize the transitions of becoming an adult and “Thief” symbolizing Jane’s struggle with depression, Jane is not afraid to tap deep into her emotions for her music. 


“Tricking the Listener” 

When interviewed by Mud about “How Do I Lose You?”, Jane had a lot to say.


“‘How Do I Lose You’ is a quintessential example of how much I love to pair fairly unhappy lyrics with upbeat, danceable music. I get such a kick out of tricking the listener like that. So despite its quick pace and jumpy melody, the track is really about the anxiety of being in an undefined, “let’s see where this goes” type of (non-)relationship. Musically, it’s definitely one of my poppier efforts, but I love the way the production kind of indie-fies it. Part of that is actually thanks to Orla Gartland (although I don’t think she knows it yet); I was really inspired by this video she posted a while back where she explains how she duct-taped the strings of an upright piano to create this muted, mallet-y sound in her song “More Like You.” I tried the trick on my piano at home, and soon started bringing a roll of duct tape with me every time I went to the studio. It immediately became a really big component of the texture of “How Do I Lose You,” and later many other tracks on my forthcoming EP.” 


Jane’s “How Do I Lose You” is “tricking.” As Jane said, the instrumental is extremely catchy, with the song appearing in a major key. The track is in a moderately fast, pop groove. Yet lyrics such as “So how do I lose you if I never had you? / Loving you like pretend / How do we end this if it never started? / Nothing real to forget” clearly show a darker undertone. Take a listen to the song here!

And that’s all folks! Click here to see where Ella Jane will be touring next!

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