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DJ Snake & Selena Gomez Make Banger ‘Selfish Love’

Selena Gomez’s upcoming album Revelación will be out this upcoming Friday. To make fans excited, she released the third single off the album accompanied by a music video. ‘Selfish love’ is a bilingual Latin pop anthem and makes the second collaboration between the pair; as they previously worked together in ‘Taki Taki.’

‘Selfish Love’ Comes Ahead of Selena’s EP Revelación

‘Selfish Love’, chosen as the third single from Selena Gomez’s upcoming EP Revelación, has only been out into the world for a few days but it is already dominating the world. Being chosen by fans as Billboard‘s favorite new music release of the past week, the bilingual hit is already making massive waves. 

Speaking of the single, DJ Snake said, “With the whole world being separated from each other, I kept looking and working only on pure good vibes. I wanted to make music for the world; and mix all my favorite influences of Afro Beat, Latin music, something that felt grounded and organic. Selena and I had been talking. After ‘Taki Taki,’ we had to give the world another round with fresh summer vibes. Something that made it feel like summer the first time you heard it. ‘Selfish Love’ came very naturally for us and I think it’s the perfect evolution for our history together.”

Hours after dropping ‘Selfish Love’ on Thursday, March 4, Selena Gomez and DJ Snake premiered the track’s music video; which was directed by award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Saavedra. The trippy clip finds Selena working at a house of mirrors disguised as a beauty salon; that will make men think twice before stepping in to get a haircut. Gomez makes her appearance as the pinup-styled salon owner, while DJ Snake acts as one of the establishment’s unsuspecting patrons.

Keep an eye out for Selena’s upcoming EP Revelación out this Friday, and enjoy ‘Selfish Love’ in the meantime!

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