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Take a Deep Breath and Relax with Torri Weidinger

Relax with Torri Weidinger

This Nashville artist is on the climb, and you should keep an ear out for her. Twenty-two year old Torri Weidinger is a multi-instrumentalist indie/folk singer-songwriter. Her primary instrument is the cello. She has been playing for over 11 years and started because of her older sister, who played in an orchestra. She features her wonderful musical instrumentalism in several of her songs. Take a listen to “Virginia” from her 2022 Ep of the same name. 



Weidinger and the Garden Gloves

She is also a part of Garden Gloves, an indie folk duo with Jackson Wooten and Weidinger. Both have been moving up in the Nashville folk scene together, sharing the stage for their solo projects for over three years. Their debut EP, Outside the Chateau Apartments, came in the wake of quarantine. It was made after the pair spent the early part of the pandemic locked together in their tiny apartment. It is a work of gentle and intimate beauty. Wooten and Weidinger’s voices interlock with warm folk instrumentation. The EP opens with its two singles, “Somewhere Forever” and “Elegy.” On the former, Wooten takes lead vocals amidst elliptical fingerpicked melodies and expansive percussion. Weidinger’s vocals take center stage, backed by glassy piano chords and soaring strings.



Weidinger Sound

Weidinger draws inspiration from Andrew Bird, Adrianne Lenker, Iron and Wine, and Andy Shauf. You can hear all these inspirational sounds plus her unique style. She is a versatile performer that captures the heart of any audience. As Glide Magazine aptly describes, “her sweeping, nostalgic melodies tell stories of love, pain, mental illness, and the fragility of life.” 

“Not only has music helped me cope with life struggles,” Torri said, “it has allowed me to mature creatively and connect with so many more cultures and people that I probably would have never been able to before.”

Weidinger’s first song, “I would,” is an incredible introductory song to her music. It is a beautiful full ballad. With its rich instrumentals and simple vocals, what an amazing first release.


Chasing a conversation

I never could’ve had

A still face of contemplation

Waving your worn, white flag

-From the song “I would”


Recently, she released an Ep that shares the song title, “Lily Of The Valley.  The two-track Ep is full of Weidinger’s iconic vocals and instrumentals. It has stacked harmonies making the songs full and warm. The first song off the Ep of the same name: Her song is for the anxious folk, as Weidinger says. It is all about the struggle to feel grounded. “This is for the girls that have been told they are too much.” 


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