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Deb Never Fights Her Demons on “Disassociate”

Gloom-pop artist Deb Never released the latest track to appear in her upcoming project. “Disassociate” will be part of the Where Have All The Flowers Gone EP.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone is Arriving Soon

Where Have All The Flowers Gone is set to release on July 23. Written in the winter of quarantine, “Disassociate” introduces itself with a soft start. Then, it turns into three minutes that might end up scarring you for life by the time that they’re finished. 

The album will feature collaborations from Michael Percy as well as Jim-E Stack and Jam City. Meanwhile, Deb will support Slowthai on his forthcoming Hell Is Home tour. Earlier this year, Deb released two standalone singles, “Someone Else” and “Sorry,” establishing her sound as a mix of hip-hop-inflected alt-rock. 

Deb Never Speaks of her Tracks

In an exclusive Q&A with Alternative Press about her earlier single “Sorry,” Deb Never spoke to her sense of songwriting. “I like playing with juxtaposition in my music. Totally leaning right into a definitive style, at all times teeter-tottering within the center,” Never says to AltPress. “With that being said, ‘Sorry’ could’ve been a clear pop track but I wanted to make it in my own way, which I suppose is low-key. Perhaps that contrast is what makes it have a unique sound as you say. I like experimenting and seeing what I can get away with.”

In a January interview for Teeth, Never spoke at length about the way in which she makes use of music to discover struggles and discover the nice within the dangerous. “Emotions that aren’t as optimistic are inevitable,” she says to Teeth. “I battle with that day-after-day and I do know I’m not the only one. Everybody struggles and everybody’s going through something. However, I believe it’s essential to at all times attempt to maintain your head above the water. Manifesting or believing in yourself, believing in one thing is the factor that holds hope. That will get you out of feeling horrible, regardless of how darkish shit will get. You’re your only way out. If I didn’t have that energy of perception in myself, or the ability to need to do that, I might positively lose myself.”

Be on the lookout for Deb Never’s upcoming EP Where Have All The Flowers Gone out on July 23. Enjoy “Disassociate” in the meantime!

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