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D3X Introduces Himself on “Dysfunctional”

D3X is an American rapper and songwriter with roots in hip-hop. His latest project, Dysfunctional EP, dives into a fresh, emo-punk sound that’s perfect for summer. D3X introduces himself to the world as a lively, complicated individual with stellar songwriting skills. These attributes make him a perfect addition to Music Daily’s MD Discoveries. 

D3X Sets the Tone

“Last Day on the End of the World” is the first track off Dysfunctional and sets the tone for the entire project. With heavy guitar, vibrant percussion and infectious lyrics, D3X truly outdoes himself. In a statement to Music Daily about “Last Day on the End of the World,” he says it’s his favorite song on the EP. “That’s the first beat I made for the project and it just captured the emo/punk vibe I was looking for,” says D3x, whose real name is Jordan.

Speaking from Experience

Another stand-out track on the EP is “Mental (feat. ThankYouBus),” which is a buoyant song that dives into the human connection. With D3X asking himself where his mental state is in the midst of a complicated relationship, it’s hard not to relate. D3X delivers a heavy-hearted sentiment, with the help of ThankYouBus, on an animated, lively track. Of course, the young artist speaks from experience. He says, “My life inspires all of my music… from experiences to just how I’m feeling throughout the day, it’s all emotion based.”

Dysfunctional Delivers

Dysfunctional delivers all of the dysfunction of everyday life in a cohesive, punk-based tone. “HeyHello,” the last track on the EP, closes out with a bang. A sharp guitar-riff perfectly compliments D3X’s raps, and makes for a seriously intriguing listen. With lyrics that boast his success, contemplate his relationships, and reminisce, “HeyHello” is is a punk-rap mastery. D3x demonstrates that he can do it all, switching effortlessly between and around genres. Ultimately, he’s created a project true to himself and relatable to his fans.

Genuine Music, Genuine Artist

On what he wants fans to take away from Dysfunctional, he says, “I just want to make stuff that is relatable and is something that seems to get better over time… I know how important it is for music to feel genuine.” At Music Daily, we certainly believe D3X will only get better with time.

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