Cody Simpson Returns With “Nice To Meet You”

Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson is officially back into the music scene. He released his new single “Nice To Meet You.”

A Look At Cody’s Recent Years

“Nice To Meet You” arrives as the lead single for Cody’s upcoming album. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but should be coming sometime this year!

Although Cody’s last official studio album was 2015’s Free (his first LP as an independent artist), he hasn’t been completely MIA in the last few years. Since then, he formed his new band “Cody Simpson and The Tide” for the 2018 EP Wave One and its follow-up in 2019, Wave Two. But now that the band has parted ways, Cody has demonstrated that music is still his passion.

He’s kept on releasing singles independently like “golden thing” and “captain’s dance with the devil;” along with the 2020 dance-pop hit “High Forever.” In 2019, he gave us a 19-song collection of acoustic music in the B-Sides album. The entire project is perfect for when you just want to relax and enjoy life; so go give it a listen if you haven’t yet!

“Nice To Meet You” Brings Back 2010 Nostalgia

So, although he’s kept on sharing music throughout the years, “Nice To Meet You” is the official track that sees Cody come back to his roots. Last year, after living in Los Angeles for the past decade, Cody returned to his homeland of Australia’s Gold Coast to concentrate on his swimming career and work on more music.

In a recent post to Instagram, Cody shared his feelings about returning home after so many years and recording the music video for “Nice To Meet You” on the same beach he once recorded the music video for his 2010 hit “Iyiyi” alongside Flo Rida. “After 10 years abroad I’m back home on the beach I grew up on cutting a brand-new music video for my single. I was doing this right here back then as a kid. Feels like a full-circle moment. I went back through the archives yesterday and just took a look at my whole journey thus far and it really hit me like a freight train.”

He continued, “So many experiences, wins, losses, lessons, ups & downs. All leading me to where I am today. I’ve been through incarnations but at the root, I’m still the same kid who grew up right here. It’s good to be back. ‘Nice To Meet You’ is a return home whilst also being a turning of the page for me as a musician. I’m looking forward to bringing you along. Thanks for being with me.”


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