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Cody Simpson Saves The Beach From Pollution in ‘High Forever’ Music Video

The Game

Cody Simpson recently launched a mobile game called Cody’s Ocean Cleanup. In the game, you play as Cody who tries to pick up the trash spread around the ocean. Cody decided to make the ‘High Forever’ music video relatable while inviting the public to join him in cleaning the ocean, which is something he is strongly passionate about. In the music video, we can see how he saves the beach from pollution while playing the mobile game.

‘High Forever’ was released a month ago, but the music video for the song just dropped last week. It’s a different video than what Cody has done in the past, but it also has its Cody Simpson mark. The Australian singer is known for writing songs that involve the ocean in some type of way. From ‘Pirates Dream’ to ‘Underwater’ to ‘Part the Seas,’ he has written an infinite amount of songs about the ocean. His music videos usually involve Cody singing with his guitar on a beach. That’s why the ‘High Forever’ music video fits the theme.

What Cody and Nairobi Said About the ‘High Forever’ Music Video

Cody said “I love this video because it shares a message important to my heart in a groovy, interactive, modern sense. The animation and storyline are epic and fun to watch. I can only hope it inspires viewers to understand that caring for the planet is cool!” 

Nairobi is Sweden’s T.I. Jakke and Karl-Ola Kjellholm. They said, “We have always supported and admired Cody’s commitment towards clean oceans. We got very excited when he proposed the idea of having the music video being based on his efforts to tackle the ongoing global issue of oceanic pollution.”

On Instagram, Cody didn’t give any announcements about the release of the video, but he did advise fans to listen to ‘High Forever’ while playing Cody’s Ocean Cleanup. “Cody’s Ocean Cleanup. Everyone’s getting HIGH scores this weekend. Play our new video game at highforevergame.com and inspire yourself to do the same in real life! For a far superior experience, stream ‘High Forever’ during gameplay.” Cody said.

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