February 08, 2023



Sueco Sticks with Keeping it Real and Emotional on “Loser”

Genre-bending artist Sueco just released his new single, “Loser,” and it looks like he’s sticking to singing about heavy topics and staying vulnerable.

He Always Tackles Heavy Topics

Sueco has never been afraid to get real when it comes to making songs. Arguably his most popular song, “Paralyzed,” is about an ex-girlfriend and how the relationship was nothing other than toxic. However, he didn’t want it to end and was quite literally paralyzed. His last release before “Loser” was about another heavy topic. Sueco teamed up with Arizona Zervas to create “Sober/Hungover,” which released in late October. Together, the duo made a song about not wanting to be sober, but also being sick of the hangover that follows.

Loser” seems to be like a short story about himself, either his present self or younger. He sings about how people would be criticizing and making fun of him when they thought he couldn’t hear them, and the monotonous same thing that happens every single day. The chorus is even more telling, as he sings, “I’m such a loser, swear to God, I’m the worst. I always F*** everything up it’s a curse.” Even though it may be a tough topic, Sueco’s “Loser” is one to listen to.

Much More to Come from Sueco

Sueco is going to be having quite the busy next few months. He announced that he’s going to be releasing It Was Fun While It Lasted, his first album since 2019. It’ll be an interesting experiment as his last album, MISCREANT, was back when he was focusing on rap rather than rock. However, if there are more  rock songs like “Loser,” “Paralyzed” and “Sober/Hungover” on It Was Fun While It Lasted, then this could be one of the biggest album releases of 2022.

Before that album comes out, Sueco is going to start his brand-new tour Feb. 19 with his first performance in Los Angeles, California. It looks like he’s also going to have some company as fellow singer-songwriter Oliver Tree will be performing with him. Singer of hits like “Life Goes On,” “Hurt” and Let Me Down,” this duo will undoubtedly put on quite the show. Regardless, it’s an exciting time for Sueco as he’s finally hitting the stardom and recognition that he’s been destined for.

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