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Clementine Was Right Are “Dreaming Of Dancing in a Different Town”

Clementine Was Right are back with their latest single “Dreaming of Dancing in a Different Town;” the lead single off Can’t Get Right With the Darkness, the band’s sophomore and upcoming studio album due on March 18.

The Band Sets the Space For Their Upcoming LP

The indie-rock project is led by Denver-based poet and fiction writer Mike Young. He shared, “‘Dreaming of Dancing in a Different Town’ is about the ache of naive promises. You start out flirting and trading clove cigarettes outside the laser tag place, jumping off the rail bridge; and you end up running into someone years later and admitting you never understood why they were crying.”

Inspiration for the LP’s title came about as a result of the “deaths of family and friends, grief and abandonment. Plenty of darkness to get right with,” discloses Young. “In the end, the album is less about the rest and more about the restlessness.”

Get to Know Clementine Was Right!

After releasing three books of poems and stories in the early 2010s; Young moved to Santa Fe in 2016 and instituted the Clementine Was Right journey with fifteen years of songs. In February 2020, these songs came together as the band’s first LP — Lightning & Regret — featuring a mix of innovative styles and instrumentation, from swirling honky-tonk synths to urgent crunchy guitars and accordions.

In September 2021, Clementine Was Right were at Memphis Magnetic Recording in Memphis, TN to record Can’t Get Right With the Darkness. The new record while anthemic is also grittier, sharing the sadness of loss among other emotions. The new sonic experience can be said to borrow on Gram Parsons’s infamous “cosmic American music.” 

Can’t Get Right With the Darkness is composed of Mike Young (vocals), Jude Brothers (vocals), Lisa Kori (vocals/ keyboard), Nate Smerage (guitar), Dick Darden (drums), Hayden Johnson (bass), Alissa Nordmoe (steel), and Buck Williams (road guitar). 

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