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chloe moriondo Gets “Fruity” & Announces Album “SUCKERPUNCH”

Rising bedroom pop artist chloe moriondo released their new single “Fruity” alongside an announcement of their upcoming studio album SUCKERPUNCH.

Chloe Has a Huge Passion For Music

Chloe has been taking the bedroom and indie pop scene by storm. Ever since she started posting videos to her YouTube channel back in 2014, she gained fans who fell for her sparkly personality and her talent to play the ukulele and sing beautifully. 

Within the past few years, she gained a lot of recognition and has even had hit singles like “I Want To Be With You,” “Silly Girl,” and “Dizzy.” There’s already two studio albums released since 2018, Rabbit Hearted and 2021’s Blood Bunny, which got a deluxe reissue this past June with 11 extra songs.

As if that wasn’t enough, Chloe just released the lead single off her upcoming album SUCKERPUNCH, set for release on October 7. “Fruity” follows on June’s “Hell Hounds,” which will also form part of the project but was previously included in Blood Bunny (Deluxe). 


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Making Music “Fruity”

“Fruity” takes us to a whole new level that Chloe has to offer. The song is a sunny, happy, and – pun intended – tasteful track that simply makes us enjoy the little moments and be joyful by appreciating the present. “Watermelon pink and green with the little seeds. Blueberry kisses still taste twice as sweet. Hot rush lemonade with the orange trees. Super cutie, fresh and fruity,” Chloe sings in the chorus.

“‘Fruity’ and this album, in general, are going to be a slap in the face!” Chloe said. “I liked the idea of naming the album for something that means an unexpected hit—something you never saw coming. It means the world to me to have the creative means to explore different shiny sounds and work with people I love so dearly on a project that is so new and exciting for me.”

The accompanying vibrant, multicolored “Fruity” video, directed by Raoul Gonzo, showcases Chloe living a normal life working in an office until she brings color and fun to it, changing everyone’s perspectives. Check it out!

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