February 02, 2023



Cher Lloyd & Imanbek Collaborate For Bouncy Single “Baddest”

“Baddest,” by Cher Lloyd and Imanbek, is nothing like the title. That actually couldn’t be farther than the truth for this brand new single. It’s the greatest. The new track is bouncy, fun, and exciting to listen to. You sing along, dance to it, or even relate to it’s exhilarating love story. Imanbek is known for exuberant production. Lloyd is known for hits like “Want U Back” and “Lost.” Together, “Baddest” is an expertly produced, romantic, urban pop song.


The Much Needed Return

Fans of Cher Lloyd are always clamoring for new music. The UK pop star has unforuantely only released a handful of singles over the last five years. While each one of these songs has been a hit one way or another, more music is what her supporters deserve. 


Luckily, teaming up with Imanbek means just that. The Grammy-winning producer and superbly talented songwriter is constantly making new music. This new single is just one of many that he has released in 2021 alone. For Lloyd, this is her first single of the year – and only her third in two years! 


While the superstar’s releases are few and far between, they are always amazing. The way she combines soulful lyrics with urban beats and a whole lot of spunk makes her memorable. She chooses all of her musical projects carefully – and it’s clear on this song why she hopped on board. Imanbek is a complex, but heartfelt producer, and Lloyd frequently speaks out about wanting – needing – creative control. Cher Lloyd and Imanbek collaborating was a genius move.


Cher Lloyd + Imanbek = A Vibrant, Romantic Sound

These acts are a perfect electro-pop match, both personally and professionally. Two talented artists with a genre-defying background and a passion for genuinely fun, catchy music has led to this: “Baddest.” 


“Baddest” is actually one of the greatest songs of the year. Do not let the title fool you! “Baddest” references a lyric in the song that touches upon a wild, fiery relationship. Love, passion, and sparks are flying in this fictional, musical couples’ lives. Cher Lloyd and Imanbek are both well versed in singing about romance, life partners, and break ups. 


Almost everyone of Cher Lloyd’s urban pop bangers are based on those topics. Her top five songs on Spotify all have to do with relationships. Those five also total almost a quarter billion streams alone. Yes, billion, just on five über-fun, extremely poppy songs. Clearly, Cher Lloyd knows her strengths… and the world is truly always up for a chance to experience them. 


“BADDEST” combines what fans have always loved about Lloyd and what they are currently adoring from Imanbek. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of this melodic, electronic, storytelling duo.

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