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Cavetown Releases New EP “little vice”

Credit: Flood Magazine

On Friday, February 23rd, Cavetown, multi-platinum singer-songwriter and producer, released his latest EP, little vice. The EP opens with one of his recent singles, “let them know they’re on their mind.” The song is both dense and ambitious, erupting into a dancey exploration of love and attraction. Other hit songs include “Obvious,” “Glacier Meadow (feat. Field Medic)” and”Alone.” Those songs stand out either for their instrumentals or how they speak to the artist’s experience with making music. The music video for “Alone” also came out the same day Cavetown’s EP did. The video is whimsical and dreamy, capturing the song’s theme perfectly.

The new EP follows Cavetown’s globally acclaimed 2022 album, worm food. It is also a page-turner in the artist’s new creative chapter. little vice is filled with an elevated sound, as well as new lush and dense arrangements on the guitar. The artist’s other recent highlights include the collaboration of “Nobody Loves Me” with mxmtoon and Ricky Montgomery. Montgomery assisted with “When We Were Younger,” as well as “Glacier Meadow (feat. Field Medic).”

Credit: Kris Khunachak. Retrieved from Flood Magazine.

The Cambridge-based artist, also known as Robin Skinner, seems to create songs that go into the deepest unspoken parts of his heart. He started releasing self-produced songs on YouTube at the age of 14 and has been on a roll ever since. He became one of the many faces of the world’s bedroom pop scene with the release of his first album, Lemon Boy. Cavetown catches the likes of global outsiders who connect to his lyrics of identity and belonging. This has led to holding sold-out shows across the US and UK alike. 

As the artist is preparing for another headlining tour, he told Broadway World about remaining motivated to make new music for his fans: “From what I’ve been told, something about me and my music helps them to feel understood and that they’re not alone in who they are.”

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