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Cate Downey rising with her new single Puppet

Cate Downey, famous on Tik Tok as @catedowneysings, is recently teasing her new single Puppet.

Cate Downey

“I’ll release Puppet I promise!!” appears in Cate Downey’s TikTok bio, while all of her fans are waiting for her song to come out.

Cate Downey, an 18 year old pop artist from Denver, announces her new single single “Puppet”. The song has been announced on her success lead TikTok platform. The song, yet unreleased, should come soon.

With over 1.7 million likes and 74.6 thousand followers on her TikTok profile, the artist is creating herself a platform where to express her own passion and undoubted great skills. On TikTok, the artist has been sharing  both covers and pieces of her own songs.

The emerging artist has even released her own first song, Wish It Was You, available on all streaming platforms.


As many other artists, Downey started her way to success during 2020 quarantine, when she published one of her most streamed songs. It is BOULDER, a catchy song made special by an astonishing voice that Downey has shown since the beginning of growing career. The song was released together with a funny, humorous and entertaining video created in the artist’s house with her friend.
With its almost 100k views, BOULDER marked an important step in Downey’s climb to visibility.


Cate Downey’s humorous rise to fame

The popularity of the singer, however, is not only due to her incredible singing and songwriting skills. The singer, in fact, became unexpectedly famous also in a rather unusual and probably unwanted way.
In fact, in her growth on her social networks, Downey has to thank her father who, with a very funny video, made the girl known on social networks.
It is, in fact, a video in which the father – Tom Downey – warmly greets his daughters as he leaves them in front of school. Through the open windows, the man shouts proudly: “I’m Cate Downey’s father!” Nothing embarrassing! Especially if we consider that this has done nothing but benefit her visibility, like many fans recall.
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