February 08, 2023



Camylio Drops Haunting “Amnesia”

Breaking pop artist Camylio released his latest single “Amnesia,” following September’s collaboration with GATTUSO “In Love With The Night.”

Get To Know Camylio

We have a new artist that you need to listen to! His name is Camylio, and he is a 19-year-old sensation from New York. If you like music from Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, or Sam Smith, Camylio’s music is just for you.

Camylio is very new to the music scene. He started sharing videos of himself singing covers of songs in November 2020. Back then, his cover of “Dusk Till Dawn” by Sia and ZAYN went viral on the platform and earned a staggering 7 million views. But that’s not it – later on, his cover of SLANDER’s “Love Is Gone” feat. Dylan Matthew generated more than 50 million views in less than ten days. That made Republic Records interested scoring him a record label deal.

After that, Camylio released his debut single in January 2021,” “ghost me.” Since then, he has managed to release new songs every couple of months, and now has ten of them under his sleeve. The last one, of course, is the haunting ballad, “Amnesia.”

Wishing You’ve Got “Amnesia”

“Amnesia” portrays a tragic time in Camylio’s life when he goes through a heartbreaking breakup, and the person on the other side has already moved on with someone else. In the meantime, he wishes he could forget all about that person. “Are you fallin’ in love while I’ve been fallin’ to pieces? / All these memories of us, wish that I had amnesia / To forget that you left / ‘Cause you’rе still in my head,” Camylio sings in the chorus.

Camylio says,

“If you’ve ever wished you could forget someone entirely instead of living with having to lose them, ‘amnesia’ was written about you…My least favorite feeling in the world is at the lowest low of heartbreak where you almost wish you could ‘give up,’ and this song is about that moment. It’s the split second you realize you’ve been replaced, and that the future you saw with your person now belongs to someone else.”

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