December 04, 2022

8 Mile 20 Year Anniversary With Eminem & Mom’s Spaghetti


20th anniversary of 8 Mile

Are you down in the dumps? Have your knees been weak? Arms heavy? Then you might need some of Mom’s Spaghetti! Yes, incredibly obvious joke aside, Eminem is celebrating the 20th anniversary of 8 Mile in NYC! Homie set up an impromptu Mom’s Spaghetti joint on 131 Greene Street and is still up until this Sunday. What else can I say? A bit more actually! 

Eminem, Mom’s Spaghetti, And 8 Mile

Alright, let’s be completely honest, we all know about 8 Mile. We should all know the story of B-Rabbit and the iconic song “Lose Yourself.” The song that took a year to make would then define Eminem until the release of “Rap God.” The song that most of us know the hook to just because of how silly it is. That hook then became memed, quoted, and now it’s even a whole restaurant! 

Set up in Detroit, because of course it is, Eminem, his manager, and Union Joints Restaurant Groups made it a reality. With limited items like Spaghetti and Meatballs, Classic Spaghetti, and a Spaghetti Sandwich, dudes really went for the theme. Are you gonna give this simple yet fun thing a shot? If so, you’ve gotta RSVP to this thing by getting tickets here. Good luck! 

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