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Britney Spears Releases Memoir

Britney Spears is telling all in her new book. As memoirs ought to do, hers puts an end to old rumors and sparks new ones.

Spears signed a book deal shortly after her release from conservatorship in 2021. So, we all knew she’d be addressing several pop culture moments associated with her.

The pop star icon discusses her childhood, the beginning of her career and its ups and downs, the media, love, friends and family. The last subject is the biggest source of anticipation. Spears’ relationship with her father and sister deteriorated once she was put under a conservatorship for 13 years.

Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams narrates the audiobook for The Woman in Me. Britney only recorded the introduction. In a statement, she explained, “This book has been a labour of love and all the emotions that come with it. Reliving everything has been exciting, heart-wrenching, and emotional, to say the least. For those reasons, I will only be reading a small part of my audiobook. I am so grateful to the amazing Michelle Williams for reading the rest of it.”

Britney Spears Memoir Excerpts

The New York Times released a selection of excerpts from the book. In one, Spears tackles the notorious 2007 paparazzi incident, in which photographers surrounded her and heckled the star shortly after she shaved her head.

“With my head shaved, everyone was scared of me, even my mom,” she writes. “Flailing those weeks without my children, I lost it, over and over again. I didn’t even really know how to take care of myself.” Spears adds, “I am willing to admit that in the throes of severe postpartum depression, abandonment by my husband, the torture of being separated from my two babies, the death of my adored aunt Sandra, and the constant drumbeat of pressure from paparazzi, I’d begin to think in some ways like a child.”

As stated above, Spears found writing this memoir both healing and painful. With the book long-finished and newly released, it is time for the star to turn over a new leaf.

The Woman in Me is available to purchase at all major book retailers.

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