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Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel Live Together On Tour!

Buckle up, we have great news for you! For the fans of rock, an unexpected and improbable collaboration has just been announced. Complementing the one in Baltimore for this October, tickets for which have been available for a few months now, Stevie Nicks just announced 19 new dates for her tour in North America! And, the best news has yet to come!

Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel: An Unexpected Collaboration

Fleetwood Mac’s ex-singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks just announced her solo tour starting this October 2023!

The tickets for 19 new dates are currently available for fans to book. Starting in Memphis, TN, on October 28th, the artist will perform throughout a period of five months in 19 different cities in the United States. On stage with the singer with be none less than her friend, Billy Joel. The New York superstar will co-headline on some dates from this October until February 2024!

In particular, the Piano Man will perform with the ex-Fleetwood Mac member in Minneapolis, MN, on November 10th; in Phoenix, AZ, on December 8th; and in Arlington, TX, on March 9th. An unmissable occasion to see such icons on stage together!

Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel. Photo taken from Stevie Nicks official Instagram account. Photo by Myrna Suarez (@myrnasuarezphoto)

An Economic Problem

As the news arrived, critiques came as well. The fans in fact were shocked by the sum required for each ticket. The prices start at $150, or for some dates, even $500 (see Atlantic City, $517). This makes the tour incredibly pricey, and therefore often unaffordable for fans, who immediately went to the comments of Nicks’ social media to protest.

“Tickets are RIDICULOUSLY priced!! I would love to see her but yeah, I will pass,” writes one Instagram user in the comments section of one of Stevie Nicks’ Instagram reels for the tour.

Another wrote under the same reel, “Artists have lost their minds charging so much for tickets. Especially with how bad the economy is right now. Absolutely shameful.”

I want to go but tickets begin at $300 🙁 I wish the Ticketmaster fiasco would be sorted soon. Ready to go to concerts again

– Instagram comment in Stevie Nicks tour post

The problem has recently appeared more and more, including with other artists like Taylor Swift. But can we expect the prices to ever slow down, or are they just going to increase again and again? And who is to blame? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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