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Brandy Drops Holiday Album “Christmas with Brandy”

On November 10, the Grammy Award winner Brandy released her first-ever holiday album, Christmas with Brandy. The album is Brandy’s first studio project since her 2020 release, B7.

“I feel so blessed to be able to create an album surrounding joy, Family, love and quality divine time with the ones you love,” writes Brandy on her social accounts.  

Discover Christmas with Brandy

The album is already available and ready for you to listen! Colour and decorate your winter holidays with the beautiful R&B-infused album and immerse yourself in the Christmas ambience with the artist’s magical voice.

Maintaining her soulful, picturesque voice as the main source of emotions, Brandy creates another R&B work of art. Infused in red, green and white tones and the cuddling fragrance of Christmas morning, the album is proof that the singer has the magical power to bring her personal art to everything she does. Embracing the holiday vibes, the artist creates a new kind of Christmas album.

The twelve-song collection is the perfect soundtrack for your holidays!

“From my heart to yours. I’m so excited to share this magical collection of songs with all of you.”

@brandy Instagram

The track list includes twelve songs in a blend of both classic covers and some original material for the holidays.

And There’s More!

Credit: Scott Everett White/Netflix

As the new album saw the light, a new production made its appearance as well. Brandy in fact took part in Netflix’s new Christmas movie, Best. Christmas. Ever! The movie is a holiday comedy portraying the encounter and reunion of the two different families and lives of Charlotte (Heather Graham) and her ex-best friend Jackie (Brandy Norwood), leading the former to attempt to prove that Jackie’s life is not as perfect as it seems.

Moreover, Brandy also appeared on the stage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where she performed a single from Christmas with Brandy.

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