December 01, 2022
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Blossoms Release ‘The Sulking Poet’


Blossoms Releases ‘The Sulking Poet’

In the last week of March, Indie Band, Blossoms released a new upbeat song called ‘The Sulking Poet’ along with an artistic music video directed by Edwin Burdis, creative director of The Arctic Monkeys. A day before the release, Blossoms’ frontman, Tom Ogden, teased the song in a video posted to Twitter.

 The Origins of ‘The Sulking Poet’

Speaking about the origins of ‘The Sulking Poet,” Ogden reveals that he had ‘once saw a Blossoms fan page describe me as ‘The Sulking Poet’ and I thought it was a great name for a song.” With nearly 26,000 views of the music video already on Youtube and a generally positive reception, Ogden’s presumption was correct. 

Ogden admits he struggles a lot with imposter syndrome, stating, “I have been told that I need to smile more from time to time. This song touches on the imposter syndrome I’ve sometimes felt in the past. How did I get here? Do I deserve it? Should I be enjoying myself more?” The Sulking Poet carries a feeling many can relate to. In pairing a catchy and upbeat melody with deep and soulful lyrics, The Blossoms yet again succeed in capturing the admiration of both fans and critics. 

What’s Next For Blossoms? 

The band plans to go on a tour throughout Europe. Their next stop is on April 30th at Band on the Wall in the United Kingdom. For more information on tour dates and upcoming music check out their website here

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