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Blake Rose Reveals a Dark Experience on “Magazine”

Australian singer-songwriter Blake Rose released his new single “Magazine,” following up on April’s “Demon.”

Blake Rose is back! Last year, the rising artist released his debut EP A World Gone By, which featured hit songs like “Casanova,” “Ordinary People,” and “Rollerblades.” This year, he started off 2022 the right way by releasing “Confidence” in March, which was quickly followed by “Demon” in April. Five months later, he’s now back with a new single – “Magazine.”

Blake Wrote “Magazine” For His Family

“Magazine” is a deeply personal song that Black wrote for his parents. In the past, they all went through a dark experience as a family when his sister was a victim of drug addiction, and he wants to let them know that they shouldn’t blame themselves for what happened. “I wonder if that’s how you felt when she was off drugs. Before you moved to Venus, left her friends up on Mars. I know you’re afraid. That you were to blame. I know you’re afraid,” Blake sings.

“‘Magazine’ is about my sister who has been suffering from drug addiction for a long time,” Blake shares. “Luckily she made it through the other side and is doing really well but I learned that my parents put a lot of blame on themselves for how her life played out.”

“This was baffling to me because they are amazing parents but I came to realize that that’s a very natural response for parents of addicts and really, anyone who has any relation to an addict. It was important to me to write a song to remind them that even if they changed every little thing about the way they raised their daughter, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference in the choices she made.”

I can only try to imagine what a tragic experience this must have been for Blake and his family, and even writing a song about it. That’s truly admirable. 

He’s Playing Two Shows This October

On the bright side, with a new song, some shows arrive. Blake recently announced that he will be performing two exclusive dates in the US this October. One of them will be in Los Angeles on the 10th and the second one will be in New York on the 21st. If you happen to be in these cities when the shows take place, don’t hesitate to go check him out!


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