Blake Rose Doesn’t Want to be a “Casanova”

Australian rising artist Blake Rose is back with his newest single “Casanova,” which serves as the follow-up to successful hit “Lost.”

Blake Rose Has Blown up This Year

Blake Rose has been having an amazing year so far. When he released his first single of 2021 back in February, he never imagined how much attention it would get. Of course, we’re talking about “Lost,” which has amassed over 54 million streams on Spotify alone, in only 6 months! For a breakout artist, that’s definitely an incredible achievement.

Now, Blake returns with the follow-up to “Lost”. “Casanova” certainly follows the music style of the singer’s most popular hit and showcases his amazing songwriting skills. In the song, he sings about wishing he had done things differently when embarking on his last relationship. “If I could go back, I wish somebody said. Hey now, Casanova. I don’t wanna mess you up. But, trust me, if you love her too fast. She won’t ever love you back,” he sings.

Speaking about the new song, Blake reveals, “Casanova is about constantly falling too hard and too fast for people because you desperately want to be in a relationship, which ultimately ends up pushing them away. It also explores how we all feel when we’re surrounded by everyone in our lives getting into relationships and the pressure that comes with not wanting to be left alone. It’s easy for us to become entranced by the idea of a person just so we’re not lonely and then find out that they’re not who we expected them to be.”

Get to Know Blake Better!

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Blake Rose’s sound is anchored in luminous and lush six-string conjurations, offset by sparse beat-craft, off-kilter plugins, in-the-box wizardry, and soulful intonation. “The guitar is generally the driving link between the songs,” he goes on. “It’s how I typically write. Everything starts there.” 

In just over a year, Blake Rose has gone from busking in the streets of Perth to becoming one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in recent years. He catapulted into the spotlight in 2019 with self-penned, self-produced gems such as his debut ‘Hotel Room,’ which Spotify touted on New Music Friday, with the follow-up track, “Lost,” further igniting a buzz. Now, with the addition of “Casanova” to his arsenal, Blake further solidifies his potential as a global force in music.

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