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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim Creates New Label

The Success of BLACKPINK and Jennie

Jennie Kim from world-record-shattering quartet BLACKPINK had what every idol dreads—rumors spreading online. They were about the pop star creating a new independent label where she would manage her own solo activities. After the speculation went viral all over social media, Jennie confirmed the news of ODD ATELIER a day later. Not only will she manage her music, any activities she partakes in, like acting, will be under the new company. Kim made her acting debut in The Idol by Sam Levinson, creator of EUPHORIA, and The Weeknd earlier this year. She proved she is an all-round star despite her smaller but crucial role in the TV series.

Courtesy of YG Entertainment

The first set of news regarding BLACKPINK’s future was released on December 5. YG Entertainment announced the four members resigned their contract for group activities only. According to Outlook India, After a record-breaking world tour, they became the vocal group with the highest-grossing show of all time. This show took place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, proving they have officially swept the globe. Their solo careers were not decided at the time of the group resigning their contract. 24 hours after the gossip stirred on sites like Twitter, Kim officially confirmed ODD ATELIER.


On Instagram, Jennie released a page for the new company: @oddatelier. She posted a series of photos with the same caption on each. “OA, which stands for ODD ATELIER, is a space that aims to create new things that attract attention in a different way from what is usual or expected. It is a label founded by artist JENNIE in November 2023.” The name is derived from the French word “atelier.” “Atelier” means a workshop or studio, especially of an artist. Kim taking a hold of her solo career was a smart decision. Being part of YG Entertainment, she has very little music of her own, apart from BLACKPINK. She only has four solo songs, two of those being versions of the same track, “You & Me.” After seven years, you would expect there would be more of a catalog.

Courtesy of ODD ATELIER on Instagram

ODD ATELIER is the start of a new chapter for Jennie where she has full control of her own career. This means many new endeavors for Kim as she has established herself as a household name. There is going to be a lot of solo music in the future. This opportunity will allow her to have complete creative control over her music. She will also have opportunities to potentially work with new people outside of the usual YG Entertainment producers, such as TEDDY.

Jennie did something surprising by creating her own label. The other members’ individual careers are up in the air. According to Koreaboo, before the group resigned their contracts, Lisa was supposedly receiving offers allegedly from American entertainment companies and considering all of her options. Do you think the girls will resign from YG Entertainment for their solo careers? Will Lisa take one of the rumored offers with a United States label? Let us know in the comments below.

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