Bizarrap Teases New Session With Extended Video ‘BIZAPOP’

The Wild & Cinematic Visual Announces New Music

The “BIZAPOP” visual opens with a DJ spinning Fred Again..’s remix of Lil Baby’s “Baby,” a tip-off that this piece will focus on multiple genres, as well as an easter egg for long-time fans, who would know that both DJs linked up at this last edition of Buenos Aires’ Lollapalooza. Set on an office floor that’s an office homage to the Wolf of Wall Street, Bizarrap, clad in full stock broker gear, then iterates on the classic Leonardo Dicaprio “I’m not leaving” monologue. In the Argentine DJ’s version, he initially toys with delivering bad news before announcing crossing the eye-popping 8.5 billion streams mark with the lively celebration that follows, prominently displaying a Spotify plaque that confirms that stat.

From there, we get to the emotional center of the short film: a conversation between Bizarrap and an “elder statesman” figure where they discuss the importance of music and the impossibility of pleasing everyone. Within this framework, he addresses a frequent criticism he faces. Some fans contend that despite the allusion to hip-hop in his handle, he’s let those origins fall to the wayside as he’s linked up with more musically diverse acts like Shakira and Peso Pluma. Hence, the “BIZAPOP” title, something that he drove home by changing his social media handles to reflect this new moniker. Finally, we close on a graphic that quickly became the true headline—a new session in the works, set to release this coming Wednesday.

A still from the “BIZAPOP” visual, where Bizarrap poses with a Spotify plaque certifying 8.5 billion streams.

A Moment to Celebrate DJ “BIZAPOP’s” Huge Success

For what it’s worth, the “BIZAPOP” pseudonym only confirms what we already know, that the Argentinian producer’s rise has quickly taken him to the absolute height of Latin Music. His BZRP sessions now serve as the premier launching pad in Latin music. Even confining him to that genre might be selling it short. The Shakira edition brought both artists a top 10 Billboard hit in the US and a #1 record across a litany of countries in the Spanish-speaking world.

All that makes for the most hotly anticipated episode of his “Sessions” yet. Fans have gone wild on social media with speculation on who will be the featured artist this time, something Bizarrap himself has leaned into by posting easter eggs on his Instagram story. The theories have been as wide-ranging in genre as they have been in scale, with guesses from Rosalia to the Weeknd to even Justin Bieber. There’s no reason to think that more clues won’t continue to crop up as we creep closer to the song’s release, so stay locked into his social media to stay on top of the current information.

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