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Billy Joel Drops First Original Song In 17 Years

With a title that seemingly recalls the return of the singer, Billy Joel drops his first single in 17 years. 23 years after his last album in 2001, a collection of his classical works, Fantasies & Delusions, and 17 years since his last single, “All My Life,” at the end of January, Billy Joel shared his “Turn The Lights Back On.”

“Turn The Lights Back On”

Billy Joel, Tokyo Dome Soundcheck 2024 Photo retrieved from the artist’s official Instagram account. Picture taken by @myrnasuarezphoto

The song offers many quotes to the singer’s return to the releasing side of his career. With lyrics such as, “Please open the door / Nothing is different, we’ve been here before,” Billy Joel seems to have intentionally made his first song in 17 years one that has as many references to his comeback as possible. The song is in fact a hymn to his return to releasing music, where he wonders about all that’s been, all that will be, and whether waiting such a long time to “turn the lights back on” was the best option for both his career and soul.

I’m late, but I’m here right now
Though I used to be romantic
I forgot somehow
Time can make you blind
But I see you now
As we’re layin’ in the darkness
Did I wait too long
To turn the lights back on?

In an earlier 2007 interview with Billboard for the release of “All My Life,” Joel left the door open for a new release. “I’m not ruling out the possibility of writing songs again,” he said. “I suppose if I had the motivation to write a song, I’m not gonna stop myself from doing it. I just haven’t felt the compulsion to write songs in pop form.” He went on: “I guess these days I just think of myself as a composer.”

The Piano Man to Perform at the GRAMMYs

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