January 30, 2023



bbno$ Drops “help herself” with Benee & Diamond Pistols

bbno$ recruited indie pop sensation Benee and rising EDM star Diamond Pistols for a new single. The stellar, new track, isn’t quite that new. It’s simply an immersive, updated take on bbno$’s existing hit, “help herself.”


A Spectacular Re-Release from bbno$

bbno$ has quite a few fun, urban hits. This includes “help herself,” which dropped this past January as a single. It’s heartwrenching lyrically, melodic musically, and complex thematically. The remix, which includes pop sensation Benee, is equally as heartwrenching, melodic, and complex. 


Depression, heartbreak, interpersonal troubles, and personal demons are on full display here. Every lyric holds weight that could crush anyone recently out of what was once-lovely relationship. Adding the female perspective to this bbno$ and Diamond Pistol hit makes it deeper and harsher, but even more relatable.


The first verse in the world’s latest version of “help herself” can make any and every listener break down. Despondent vocals and groovy flow balance out the emotions beautifully right off the bat. “Down on myself, hope you’re doing well. I’ve been honestly going through hell, feeling troubled, no one to tell. Dodged a bullet, saved by the bell. If we had to make up last weekend, save the break up just to be friends, I would not call in the past tense. I would’ve not – not fallen for you.”


Why Benee Takes “help herself” To Another Level

New Zealand’s latest and greatest pop star, Benee, is always up for an entertaining collaboration. The young starlet’s success ranges from working with Mallrat and Joji to ROLE MODEL and jack berry. Her mainstream success actually came from a collaboration, too. “Supalonley” blew up on TikTok last year and featured Gus Dapperton, who also produced the track. Now, she’s working with bbno$, as well as Diamond Pistols.


The star is also a lovely singer-songwriter herself. She knows how to string words together and use her voice well. Her approach to the lyrics in “help herself,” showcase that flawlessly. “You took my heart right from the start. I knew that then we’d fall apart. I fly down to see you on the weekends just to leave that, fall to pieces, I needed you too much.”


Benee dropping into the song with bbno$ and Diamond Pistols adds emotion, but also flair to the bouncy track. Her quirky, accented, gravelly voice is made to tell stories. This is the story to tell, too, because people already know and love it. Now, they’re getting a new, even more harmonious side to it with this remix of “help herself.”

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