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Barrie Releases New Single “Races”

Cover art for Races and 5K

Barrie, aka Barrie Lindsay, just released a new single named ‘Races,’  which dropped Tuesday, February 7th. This single was the first of the newly announced EP (extended play) ‘5K’ on March 31st. Currently ‘Races’ has already reached 138,000 listeners, becoming the second-most listened to track in Barrie’s discography. The artist announced the new release on their Instagram promoting tees, pink vinyl records, and cassette tapes. They captioned the post with the following excerpt from the song:

“You ran a race without moving/ And you won/ Stop buying plastic/ Go to practice/ Start giving a shit.”

Excerpt of final verse from ‘Races’ by Barrie

‘Races’ is Right on Time

The new arrival of the EP 5K comes almost one year after the ‘Barbara’ album released March 25, 2022. Altogether, the 5 track EP is as follows:

  • 1. Nocturne Interlude
  • 2. Races
  • 3. Unholy Appetite
  • 4. Ghost World
  • 5. Empty
Barrie will be performing alongside 320 other artists in upcoming festival

Shortly after announcing ‘Races’, the indie-pop singer posted their showcasing at the SXSW festival. Set to perform in Austin, TX on March 10-18, this’ll be the time and place to let the message of 5K run forward. A total of 320 artist will be performing, and though this is not the first time Barrie has attended, this will be the first live performance we see of her newest project.

Why You Should be Invested in Barrie

For those who’ve never heard the name or music from Barrie, 5K is a great way to introduce yourself. It’s not secret that Barrie is an avid runner herself, and with this new single she’s filtered that physical energy into her music. In an interview she says, “I want this music to be good company; steady and light enough. It’s literal and it’s metaphorical; this EP is meant to be your running partner for whatever form of 5K you’re doing.” Barrie currently has 567,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 11.9K followers on Instagram. Coming it at almost two minutes, this soft song tells us to keep running, keep moving, because there is joy in the journey. If there’s anyone who’s looking for a smooth song with backup vocals from Gabby Smith, then this is something you should invest in.

Stream Barrie’s new single in her ‘5K’ EP here!

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